The TECHWELD line of Welding Products include: Multi-Strike Tungsten Electrodes and Tungsten Electrode Grinders.

TECHWELDtm Multi-Strike Tungsten Electrodes are the worlds leading non-thoriated tungsten electrode. They can give ten times the life of standard tungsten’s, can be used for all applications including aluminum and steel and are full batch traceable.




COB and Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited is proud to introduce a new TIG welding electrode material.

A tungsten electrode has been developed with a collection of non-thoriated, non-radioactive, non-carcinogenic dopants to make it weld at high, low and medium current ranges on both DC TIG (GTAW) welding of Steels and alloys as well as AC TIG (GTAW) welding of Aluminum and its alloys.

     This mix of dopants
greatly enhances electrode life
multiplies the number of strikes per tungsten
does not contain any radioactive material.


Unlike tungsten-thoria, Multi-Striketm tungsten’s contain no radioactive element. Where Health and Safety authorities or others are concerned about the radioactive or carcinogenic effects of thoria, Multi-Striketm tungsten electrodes are a high quality alternative.

Multi-Striketm tungsten electrodes are primarily used for GTAW/TIG welding, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited will be pleased to assist in making electrodes meet the equipment specification used for plasma cutting or welding.

Multi-Striketm tungsten’s always originate from the identical source, giving the user a guarantee of product quality, reliability, repeatability, consistency and trace ability.

Each pack of 10 is supplied in special packaging which is your guarantee every time of quality and trace ability.

Now you can achieve all of your TIG (GTAW) welding with one Multi-Striketm tungsten electrode eliminating the need to stock thoriated, ceriated, lanthanated and zirconiated tungsten’s. Multi-Striketm does everything!